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Connecting computers via WLAN box

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I have two Mac computers on different floors, both on the same WLAN network connected to Internet Box 2. I used to transfer files from one computer to the other via the WLAN network (using cmd+K in the Finder). After I installed a WLAN Box, the two computers can no longer communicate via the WLAN network. The other computer no longer shows in the list of available servers. Can this be corrected?

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Have you paired the WLAN-Box correctly like mentioned in the Manual?


Try to use the Swisscom Home-App to pair the Boxes properly. 

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Of course I did, with the Swisscom app, what's more. The internet connection works perfectly, but as I said, the devices connected to the Internet box cannot communicate with the devices connected to the WLAN box (as indicated in the network topography).

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thanks for contribution and feedback


you have to try a REBOOT / RESET of the different devices

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