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Connecting Swisscom router not recognized by Synology NAS for remote connection

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Hello! Am trying to configure a Synology NAS for connecting remotely through internet when I am away from home. In order to configure the external access, the NAS tries to detect the router to connect it. It does some readings of the system configurations and at the end it concludes by saying 'no UPnP router was found' . The router works with no problem but the NAS doesn't identifies it. So it asks to manually set up the router. Then, my issue, when trying to set up manually the router, it offers me a list of routers with brands well known (asus, synology, belkin, etc), however 'Swisscom' brand is not there.  Ma router at present is the Internet-Box 2, and when going to the router administrator, I see the manufacturer is 'Askey' but even this is not in the list offered by Synology.  


So I am stuck as don't know what to do. Any help?

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you can configure the port forwarding manually.

Please have a look at the synology ports required:

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Hello @matcar97 ,


if  you understand french you can follow this tutorial, but if you have some issues to understand it, I could try to make it in English.


Give me your feedback.


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