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Hello, I would like to buy a synology RT2600ac. Is it possible without losing any functionality (swisscom TV, phone...)?



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@LeylaG Could you do an internal request about @Schaldaufru93 ´s question, as reading the answers in the german speaking forum about a very similar request don’t make me more clever concerning this topic.

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thanks for contribution


for a synology RT2600ac this discussion can help

Swisscom Internet Box 2 und Synology Router RT2600... | Swisscom Community

post @Werner ‎22.01.2019 9:58

" ... I don't know the RT2600ac either, but what I have are practical comparison values ​​for VPN connections between: - IB2: approx. 20 Mbit / sec with L2TP - Asus RT-AC68U (dual core, 256MB RAM): approx. 35 MBit / sec with Open VPN - Synology Diskstation DS116 (dual core, 1GB RAM) approx. 80 MBit / sec with Open VPN Since the encryption and decryption of the transmitted VPN data is very computationally intensive, the performance depends largely on the processor performance and the size of the RAM on the VPN server (assuming sufficiently fast internet lines of course, mainly also sufficient upload of the VPN server) According to the data sheet, the RT2600ac you mentioned has 512 MB RAM and a commercially available dual-core processor, ie a Synology disk station with RAM> = 1GB will probably not be able to outperform the router, but it will surpass the IB2 by a factor of 2-3 it would probably be enough anyway. As an expected value for use as an Open VPN server, I would estimate the RT2600ac to be around 50-70 Mbit / sec due to its equipment. If someone in the community is using this Synology Router, a practical test would of course be helpful. ... "




>  ... as reading the answers in the german speaking forum about a very similar request don’t make me more clever concerning this topic. ... 


indeed 😀

but it helps a lot, given the very large volume of discussions about the Community in German

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Hello @Schaldaufru93 @Gaeilgeoir


Please find below the reply from our specialist:


Here’s the information on how to install a non-Swisscom router:


However, the Synology has only Ethernet as WAN. With a complex setup using media converter it can work on 1G fibre. It is not possible on 10G fiber and copper.

Thus, I don’t recommend this device as router on Swisscom network.


Hope it helps!

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