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Can't connect remotely to home WLAN

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I have a Swisscom router (Internet Box-2) at my holiday house in Switzerland with various devices connected via WiFi (heating system, garden watering, security cameras, switches) including two Swisscom WiFi switches supposedly accessible via the Home app on my iPhone and iPad.  I find that frequently most of the devices will not connect, in particular the Home app that only connects easily when I'm actually there, which rather defeats the point of it.  Swisscom recently made a fix so that the router now has a publicly available IP address which I thought fixed the issue, but I still find that connections to the other devices, and to the Home app in particular, are more frequently off than on.  Strangely the heating system (Telebutler) and the garden watering system (Gardena via the Apple Home app) are completely reliable and always connected.  I also have a Swisscom router (Intenet Box-1) at my main home, and once I've connected to that (from home) via the Home app I can't re-connect to the other router at my holiday house, unless I'm physically there and connected to the WLAN.


It would be great if I could actually access these devices reliably when I'm not at the holiday house which is the whole point of the setup but it's pretty frustrating that I can't unless I go there and re-establish the connections.


Any help or even similar experiences would be welcome.

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Si les deux boîtes Internet sont connectées à des adresses différentes, les deux ont théoriquement une adresse IP différente. Par conséquent, en dehors de votre contrat d'abonnement, ils sont indépendants l'un de l'autre
La Home App n'accède pas à vos connexions dans l'espace client pendant l'utilisation, mais les connecte de manière succincte et directement via l'adresse IP du routeur ou du bâtiment
Si vous utilisez un appareil Android, vous pouvez essayer d'installer l'application deux fois. Vous pouvez ainsi accéder directement à la boîte correspondante sans avoir à vous connecter et à vous déconnecter en permanence
Sur de nombreux appareils, des options comme App Cloner sont installées ou peuvent être installées
Si cela ne fonctionne toujours pas correctement, il faudrait envisager d'avoir deux Swisscom Login différents, afin de différencier correctement les connexions à chaque routeur


If the two Internet boxes are connected to different addresses, the two theoretically have a different IP address. Therefore, apart from your subscription contract, they are independent of each other.

The Home App does not access your connections in the customer area during use, but connects them succinctly and directly via the IP address of the router or the building

If you are using an Android device, you can try installing the app twice. You can thus directly access the corresponding box without having to constantly connect and disconnect

On many devices, options like App Cloner are installed or can be installed

If this still does not work correctly, consideration should be given to having two different Swisscom Login, in order to correctly differentiate the connections to each router


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