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Asterisk PBX

Novice rff
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I am thinking of upgrading my current ISDN line to a Vivo package.

I would like my phone line(s) to be managed by an asterisk PBX which I will manage.


So far I have been unable to get ANY useful information on what Swisscom is doing for VoIP.

Actually I am a little SHOCKED, because Swisscom seems to refuse to give any of the information on their routers,

and does not support SIP?


Has anyone attempted to connect run an Asterisk server on the Swisscom VoIP service?


Thank you...

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Hey rff,

Have you made any progress on that subject?

I personally run an Asterisk box that is connected to two VoIP providers (sipcall and winet). I have transferred my landline numbers to these providers. The connection is made over SIP, so no PSTN is needed anymore. Works very well for me.

Kind regards,


Novice rff
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hi kom,


yes - I made progress in terms of confirming that Swisscom has zero interest to be helpful - they try to lock you into their equipment by refusing to provide any information such as login etc. etc.


I have not yet connected my PBX but I have looked at sipcall and netstream.  I have not used SIP service from netstream yet but their internet services are pretty good and they are generally friendly, helpful and good to work with.


Thank you for your feedback on sipcall and winet - I think I will end up doing the same as you.  Are you happy with the cost and line quality of your providers?


Many thanks,




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I intentionally wanted to try out both providers. From service quality, I cannot tell a differnce. Both setups were straightforward and there have been no issues with the connection within the last two years (none of which I'm aware of, at least). So I can recommend both of them! 😉

From a commercial point point of view, I don't know what current terms and conditions are, you'll have to check out their websites. I think the overall costs are similar for both providers; in my case, it's much lower than paying for a Swisscom line ...

Let me know your experiences if you're going to set up a new configuration. 😉



Novice rff
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Thanks for the feedback - I'll probably try two as well. 

I'll let you know.


So you have a standard internet connection (Swisscom?) and then use your connection to access SIP through your standard network WAN connection (ie not dedicated SIP lines)?


Did you setup any QoS  or experience any clipping or other voice problems?



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When I initially set it up, I had a pretty slow ADSL line (Swisscom) and the router I had back than was not able to do reasonable QoS. Back then, yes, there were issues when the internet line got busy (downloading stuff). So basically yes, QoS is very recommended in such a setup.
Today, I have a 1Gbit symmetrical line (Fiber.7) and a router that can handle that amount of traffic. Due to that capacity, I have no QoS in place at the moment, as I cannot bring the internet line to its limit, no matter how hard I try! 🙂
Novice rff
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Lucky you!!!   ;^)


How much does the fibre cost?

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CHF 65.- per month. Check it out here:

It's worth every single penny! 🙂

Novice rff
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Excellent - thanks I will check them out.
Something you should try is is an Astaro firewall - you get a free entrprise grade UTM for use at home...
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Thank you for the tip! I was not aware there is a free version for home users. Awesome!
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Yes that correct, Swisscom does nothing to provide a proper SIP. They have there partners, which are supported, but everything costless like asterisk is nothing for Swisscom, so Swisscom is nothing anymore for me. I habe a security System which makes calls over an analog line, I purchased an Cisco SPA112 connected it ti Sipcall and it works perfectly. The company EKB where I have the SecuriySystem I don't let anymore in my house, because they told me, that I habe to order the bewest Security Device for 5500 CHF.

The Cico SPA112 costed me about 70 bugs, and my new provider SIPCALL is not expensive.$$By the Way, I run also asterisk on a rasperry, now I am Swisscomless, free and happy

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65 bugs a month is too much. take spa112 (once 70bugs) and take sipcall, 199 per month
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sorry 1.99 per month
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There is a solution to have Asterisk connected to SIP on Swisscom "legally". It's called ESIP. It's a Big Business product that can also be obtained from SMEs. It involves some effort and knowledge but it is quite possible even if some say that not because they think mass market and Smart-Buesiness-Connect.


The price of the product makes it very peritnent also vis-a-vis the other services and suppliers.