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We used to have 2 telephones in different rooms of our house. Since being forced onto IP, it would appear this is no longer possible as the phones have to be attached to the router. The "progress" now means one single phone at the far end of the house so if the phone rings & I actually hear it, I have to speed dash up or down the stairs & try to answer before it stops ringing. Now whilst this is no doubt good exercise, it is also dangerous. From what I have red on the help manual, a 2nd phone should also be attached to the router which means 2 phones in one room which is rather pointless.


The other issue is at night. We have always switched off the Wifi/router to stop the kids playing online video games & to cut down on the electric + visual disturbance, the router being right next to the bed.  So now we have to keep the router on permanently otherwise we have no landline telephone? In case of emergency that means keeping mobiles on which have to be frequently recharged.

This “progress” for the moment is not positive. We pay more yet have to change our lives to suit the changes decided by Swisscom technology.
Does anyone have any constructive solutions on how to have a 2nd phone plugged in away from the router?

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Hello @dingbat2


Sorry if you experiences difficulties to switch to ALL IP which is a worldwilde change.


Please have a look at this page under "Requirements for parallel calling" and here


Regarding the Internet connection, it is possible to activate/deactivate the WLAN manually and set up operating times


Hope it helps! 


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