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setting my account into outlook

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I have been spending the last 2hours trying to set up my address onto outlook.  I have used the details 

Incoming mail server
IMAP4: (Port 993)

Outgoing mail server
SMTP: (Port 465)   SSL settings are activated for the above specifications.


I have also seen in our of your other FAQ that you provided the alternative Port 143 for IMAP4 and I have tried that too with no results. 


can someone help please? ...  thank you 

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Hi there, 

You can get a walkthrough on how to connect outlook to your Bluewin-Account here:



Take in mind that the Passwords for your Mailclient on Clients like Outlook is not the same as the Swisscom Customer Center Password. 


Hope i could help. 



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your incoming and outgoing server settings are looking good.


in case of using a adress, you have to use the full mailadress for login username


example username:

For password, you have to use the mailaccount password - it's different from the webmail login password

keep on rockin'
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