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My bluewin e mail  has stopped working in Outlook 2019 programme.  while all my other email address providers work. All ports etc checked. I keep getting the message please enter imaps password (8 characters). I have not changed anything this has just appeared.

I do not know what this is. Normally over the last 20 years in outlook this field   is the ISP password supplied by the provider i.e. swisscom when you sign up to email.This is  8 characters consisting of numbers, higher and lower case letters.


The only other passwords I have are for webmail & bluewin App, which are BOTH different and not 8 characters and works fine.

Please DEFINE WHICH PASSWORD is the IMAPS PASSWORD and how to get it for Outlook programme on my PC, not the windows APP.

I have to say of all the email addresses I have this gives me the most trouble, when I have changed nothing.



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Please remove the account completely from your Outlook. Then use the following instructions to setup your account correctly:

Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali saluti

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