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email problem

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I received a message from swisscom to empty my bluewin emails because my  folder was full.  I deleted all contents from the bluewin mail folders and checked  to make sure that all emails were on my macbook and iphone and all were in their respective folders.  A few minutes later I wanted  to send an email and noticed that all my email folders were empty on my macbook and iphone. Where do I find my emails?  please help!!!


Raya Meron




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Hello @rmeron


Very sorry you lost your emails. 


If your account was configured in IMAP, it is necessary to check the basket on both sides as there is a permanent synchronization between the Webmail and your MacBook / iPhone.


If your account was configured as POP, no email is kept on your Webmail. You can check only in the deleted folder on your MacBook / iPhone.


You can see more information here.

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