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cancelling my email

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I need to cancel my email please. how do I do it?

thank you, 

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Black Mamba
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thank's for contribution


1. Resume your post and delete personal data, name etc.,

     the forum is public and therefore visible to all


2. To delete emails in Swisscom Webmail :

a) go to the relevant folder

b) select the email (s) concerned

c) in the toolbar use the trash can symbol (delete)

d) deleted emails go to the trash

e) make space by permanently deleting these but from the trash


if it involves recalling an email (canceling my email) sent in error

Webmail Swisscom does not have this functionality

in the future for this function you need to install an external messaging software

like Thunderbird (free)

Thunderbird — Make Email Easier. — Thunderbird

or in the Office Office 365 Microsoft suite - Outlook (paid subscription)

Microsoft Outlook - Connect, organize email - Office 365

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@Satzuvu66 For me it is not really clear what do you mean.


If you want to delete an email from a specific folder or in case you’d like to withdraw an e-mail sent in error, then @Black Mamba’s answer is the solution.


If you want to delete your e-mail account, then you find here the Instructions:


under Scenario 6 (please click on the link above as the image below is just a snip without working links): 



If all these our assumptions are not correct, please specify what‘s the problem, so that we can deliver the best solution. Thanks in advance.


Ma olaim an t-airgead is ma bhronnaim an t-or
O caide sin do'n te sin nach mbaineann sin do
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Hi @Satzuvu66


Can you send us the details we need? Or could you already solve the problem? 




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