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can not adding bluewin email account to incredimail/

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If the password is correct, I would try two options for the username of the mailbox

1) username


The way the program pass the mailbox name to the server may differ between the galaxy and the laptop.



PS: you should not publish your full email address on a forum. I suggest you edit your previous comment to remove it.


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I have incredimail program and wished to add the email account but the bluewin server could not approve the credentials. the same thing happend with outlook program. 

any suggession please.

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Hello @Peuttiodi64 

Do you have a specific error message ?

One of the common error is using the Swisscom login password instead of the mailbox password.




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Thank you. Yes it tell me server did not accept due to wrong information of user name or password.

I have used the same information on mobile galaxy Note 9 and it accept the credential . It refuses to accept when trying to registered to Incredimail or Mailbird programs at laptop with windows 10 . 

Best regards for your help & Assistance 

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In English if possible. Thanks

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