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bluewin-update for el capitan MAC / A LINK THAT WORKS

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Does anyone have a link that works for Mac to update this email-issue?
Swisscom's link is not working and help is not available by phone.

Thank you very much.

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which issue are you talking about?

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My issue is that I can't update my email-account which needs to done. As soon as I open my email - account then it freezes. I can't click on any email to read, nor can I write an email.


I have a Mac using for email and I haven't found the best browser to work with

It all worked well until 2 weeks ago then it freezes once I log in.


Thank you for your advice.

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Hello @Jieweugauch30


Are you able to login into your mailbox via the Webmail?

Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!
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Hey @LeylaG ,

@Jieweugauch30 parle de l'application Web du courrier Web. Cela m'est souvent arrivé, la page contenant l'aperçu du courrier se fige encore et encore.


Sur le PC, ce n'est pas si grave, mais le mobile est le navigateur encore et encore dans la corbeille - je devais déjà réinitialiser complètement plusieurs fois pour que cela fonctionne.


Le mobile dispose de 4 Go de RAM et le PC de 8 Go - donc ça ne peut certainement pas l'être.



Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali saluti

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