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Subject line errors

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When I reply to an email, special characters which were correctly shown in the subject line are not reproduced correctly in the reply but in old HTML code. For example: Re: along the lines of your theme about Apple pretending to be "good guys"  The " quotes marks  in the incoming mail appear as " in the reply. Why?

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Hi all,

as you might now, is the "  the Encoded String for the typical Apostrophe.


In some cases this error might occur if the Device-Language does not use the ASCII-Table - e.g. Japanese based-Systems.

This could be also the case if the messaging-partner uses software, which does not support the ASCII-Table directly.

Mostly it depends on System-Language or Device and Software.




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Thanks, but that doesn't resolve the problem. The special characters appear correctly in the Subject line in incoming emails but when I Reply to or Forward the message the HTML code appears. How can Swisscom software read the symbols correctly in incoming mail but not on outgoing?

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Do you use Webmail or a Client like Outlook? 

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I use only Webmail for my main account

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Hello @ThomM


Do you have an explanation or a solution ?


Thank you in advance for your insight 🙂

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Thanks for asking. And sorry for my late answer but I did not see your post. Unfortunately the answer is that I do not know. Maybe a technical expert reading this forum may know the answer.


What I know is that I never use or recommend using special characters in the subject line as more often than not they will be misinterpreted by receiving e-mail systems.



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Hi @DaoTe 

I found something that might help you:


Which browser do you use? If you only use one, can you try another one?

If Safari, try Microsoft Edge Insider or Brave,
If Edge or Internet Explore, try with Google Chrome,
When trying Firefox with Google Chrome,
If Google Chrome tries with Firefox and Edge Insider.


The problem may be with the browser or a version - so maybe check your version.


What language does your PC or browser have?

Can you also try to download the Microsoft Outlook program and then connect your Bluewin account there? (Instructions here:


From a technical point of view, I assume that the letter designation, here mostly UTF-8, cannot be integrated correctly. How it is possible that it only looks like this to you I can not explain.


Be sure to try the top one and keep us up to date.

Best regards,

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