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Problem reported on email server connecting with another country

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I have an email which I need to synchronise with My email address has & inside and it is rejected by your servers when I want to have the system to set up my account through your webbased system. 


Also when I have done it manually through outlook 2016. I have followed your instructions and spoken with my internet supplier in my country. I see that the test email goes from my country technical supplier into my bluewin account but bluewin is not allowing me to retrive the emails into my native outlook system. I have used all your mapi settings etc and it is clear that the outgoing email functions but there is a rejection from bluewin when I want to get my emails.


Also it is very annoying to not be able to ask you online via chat, or perhaps I am missing something.



Community Manager
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Hello @Mummih


Sorry you are experiencing problems synchronizing your Bluewin mailbox with your Outlook account.


As we only offer support for the Bluewin webmail, I invite you to check this matter with our specialists from My Service.


Kind regards,



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This answer does not help me.

I told in my question that I am using this sign in my email & could that be the reason.


Also it is very difficult to find the place where you can see the use of GB in your mailbox. Can  you tell me where I can find this feature. I looked everywhere but I could not see. I get a message that my mailbox is full and this is the reason why I am trying to download from the server.


I can send through the outlook through the bluewin server but I cannot receive anything.


Hope to get a reply.



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Also I am abroad and it is not helping your answer. I tried to call but had to wait for to long online. What I don´t understand is that I can send out email from my outlook through my internet provider but I cannot download through bluewin.


Best regards



Ps.  I followed your recommendations from technical solutions for setting up bluewin email.

Community Manager
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Hello @Mummih


Thank you for your feedback.


I checked with a specialist and the sign & does not affect the normal function of your email address.


The reason you don't receive your email, aside from your mailbox is full or almost full, could be that you use the wrong user name and/or password. 

Indeed, the Swisscom login password and the email password are two different things. The password of your Bluewin email address has been set up at his creation. You usually never use it then, except, for example in your case, to setup your email account on Outlook.


In case of doubt, you can change your Bluewin email account password on your Customer Center online. Simply go on Settings & Services > Email > Change Password > Forgotten password/change


Regarding the capacity of your mailbox, you got 5 GB per e-mail address. In the Webmail, click on "Settings" and then "Email", to show your current use on the top right. 


Hope it helps,




Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!