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Horrible support and service

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I purchased a new iPhone and now I am told I must change my bluewin email account password because they tell me I don’t know it. Seems odd since I can still access my bluewin email from my old iPhone using the password I don’t know. 

Swisscom is glad to charge me a fee to help me change my password which i don’t wish to change. In my opinion it is Swisscom that doesn’t know what it is doing or is it they only wish to increase their revenue stream   


Community Manager
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Hello @Goliath1

You can check your Bluewin email account password on your Customer Center online. Simply go on Settings & Services > Email > Change Password > Forgotten password/change

Hope it helps!

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No  Leyla, This does not help.  I know my  password and you won't allow me to use it on my main eamil account but strangely enough I can create a secondary email account using that password.


And no that is not a solution either.  I need to have my main email account functioning with the password I choose.  I should not be forced to change my password because of convouted rules. 

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Dear @Goliath1

The point is the Swisscom login password and the email password are different. The password of your Bluewin email address has been set up at his creation. You usually never use it then, except, for example to install your email account on a smartphone.

The password you used to create a new email account is the password of your Swisscom login and not the one for your email address.

You can find some help here too

Have a good day,


Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!