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I have received a message from my outlook that the authentication method is disabled. So I cant received emails in my outlook. What can I do ?

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Hi Tetetzau52,


This may solve your problem. Let us know.


Have you checked that your Outlook is correctly configured ? Swisscom has informed since Spring time that unprotected accesses to the e-mail servers will in the interest of users gradually non longer be accepted. shows you the step by step approach.


For experienced users, the parameters are

Ich arbeite bei Swisscom im Bereich Produkt Management
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In english:


I can't connect to my bluewin mailbox through php (imap_open on "{}INBOX") since one month.

ERROR is:  Server bug: non-empty initial PLAIN challenge

Can you help me please ?


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I have done this, but Outlook is still not receiving my emails I keep getting this message      the server for account "Bluewin" returned the error "5.7.0 ...authentication rejected." Your username/password or security settings may be incorrect. Would you like to try re-entering your password?

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In that case, maybe you don't enter the correct password.


Note that your e-mail password is not the same that your Swisscom login password. If you have forgotten your password, you can set a new one in your Customer Center.

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