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Discontinuation of SMS from Bluewin Webmail service

Community Manager
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Dear Community


From 1 October 2020, it will no longer be possible to send an SMS from Bluewin Webmail. The reason for the discontinuation is that use of this service has fallen to such an extent that provision of the ‘SMS from Webmail’ service is no longer viable. In addition, Bluewin Webmail is scheduled for a major upgrade and modernisation in the next year, and this step is required in advance of this. As an alternative, we recommend using either e-mail, SMS from your mobile phone or third-party programs or apps.


Do you know any alternative programs that you could share here?


We look forward to your comments. 


Best regards


Ich bin Lernende Fachfrau Kundendialog und ich unterstütze die Community.
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