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Bluewin e-mail: achieving the same folder structure on all your devices

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I have created a new Email account and moved Folders / Mails from and old account via Outlook. In Outlook this worked ok, the old folders are empty and the new ones have the Mails etc. I deleted all the folders in the old account so that it is nearly empty.

However this is not refelected in Bluewin. The old account still has the folder structure and all the mails and the new account is empty.

I have sync'ed numerous times, but nothing has happened.


Any solution for getting the Folders / Mails in the Bluewin accounts to reflect the proper new structure in Outlook?

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Hello @MFnummer6


This link could help you:


Have a nice afternoon

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This link does not exist any more!

The article you are trying to access is permanently deleted.

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In addition to the above and probably the cause of the problem, Bluewin has it's own personal folder structure - "My folders".

Creating a folder here is not replicated in WIndows Outlook and vice-versa:

creating a folder in Outlook in not replicated in Bluewin.


I have even created the "My folders" folder in Outlook, but to no avail.


So how does Bluewin treat personal folders in conjunction with Outlook.

I cannot see that this works, only standard folders (Inbox; Sent; etc.) will actually sync. This was not the case in the past, what have you done?

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Can anyone tell me please whether is it possible to set the same folder setup in outlook as it is in the webmail? 

In office 2010, so I guess the outlook is also 2010.

Thank you

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Hello @MFnummer6


Sorry about the dead link.


You can find some help on the Microsoft website


And the basic settings on our help page:


Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!
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I now see this is a sync error!

10:13:00 Error synchronizing folder

10:13:00                                [800CCC0E-0-0-560]


16:53:46                                [80040107-0-0-733]

16:53:46 Terminated in error

16:53:46                                [80040107-0-0-733]


There are constant sync errors in Outlook. Search for:

Terminated in error [80040107-0-0-733]

There are numerous post going back years and Outlook versions, but appears to be now valid solution.  (I don't see deleting .OST / .PST file or recreating Profile as a solution as surely this entails loosing all emails saved in Outlook.)

A solution is need to sync Outlook back to Bluewin Webmail.

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