New name, new design: meet our new-look Customer Center

New name, new design: meet our new-look Customer Center

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From February, the Swisscom Customer Center for residential customers will have a new look. It will be even easier to change your subscriptions, set the Combox and view bills yourself. And what’s more, the Customer Center, like the app, has been renamed “My Swisscom” for 2019.


New features in the "My Swisscom" Customer Center

  • With the 360°overview on the start page, you can see all the key information at a glance.
  • The new name "My Swisscom" also appears on the start page.
  • We’ve simplified navigation for faster access.
  • We've redesigned the mobile area with all your subscription details.
  • Prominent tiles display the key functions for your products.
  • We have optimised contrasts, colours and keyboard navigation.
  • Orders, settings and correspondence with Swisscom are saved in your activities.

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What is the reason for these changes?

A growing number of customers now use the Customer Center to resolve their issues. As a result, Swisscom felt it was important to adapt the design and functions to meet current standards.


Do things still look the same to you?

  • Swisscom is rolling out the new “My Swisscom” Customer Center gradually. By the end of February at the latest all customers will be able to use the new functions.
  • At the moment, the mobile area and start page have the new look. The other categories will follow.
  • Switching to the new look will be rolled out in the coming months for our business customers.

Let us know you views

What do you think of the new “My Swisscom” Customer Center? Is there anything that doesn't work the way you’d like? We would love to hear your comments.


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Answers to your questions


We have now written an article providing answers to FAQs about the My Swisscom Customer Center.


Go to answers.

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Community Manager

Dear all,


We have now written an article providing answers to FAQs about the My Swisscom Customer Center.

Go to answers.


Best regards, Miriam

Where is the page for payment?

Already adviced you to change address to 20A from 20C.  Thank you.

Where is the page for payment?

Already advised you to change address to 20A from 20C. Thank you.

Community Manager

Hello @reiko_tsukamoto, welcome on the Swisscom Community 🙂


You can change your address on your Customer Center by clicking on the left menu on "My details".


What do you mean exactly by the page for payment? You can find plenty of information about payment on our help pages: My data and Bills


Hope it helps!

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It's quite impossible to open the page My date and bills and Customer Center. It doesn't matter if using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and neither Swisscom app.


The error message is "Too many redirects ocurred trying to open (...). This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page, which then is redirected to open the original page."


It would be very useful if I could use all these online options but so far none of them have worked.


Thank you

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I have exactly the same issue as reported by GabiJ - it is impossible for me to open any page in the Customer Center, including bills (most important) so i cannot view them to pay them.

Please get in touch ASAP to advise on way forward as my lines may get blocked.  I tried a couple of weeks ago but had issue but it is still there.


Andi cannot believe that it was already reported on the 7 August and it still DOESN'T WORK.  Come on Swisscom, you are better than this, show me you can do it !


Thanks in advance for your help.