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Make life easier with a smart home

Make life easier with a smart home

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Robot vacuum cleaners, energy-saving switches or WLAN cameras: today, one in three Swiss households has at least one smart device. And the number is rising! Discover the benefits of a smart home in this article.


With the Home app and Smart Life, we are helping our customers join the smart home world. The smart accessory has something for everyone – whether they’re interested in saving energy, simplifying household tasks or improving home security.


Save power with smart plugs

Even in standby mode, many devices continue to consume power. The devices of an average household consume enough electricity in standby mode in a year to power a TV for about 150 days non-stop. If you connect your devices to a smart plug such as the Swisscom Smart Switch instead of directly to the socket, you can control your devices via your mobile phone. You control the switch via the Home app, and determine when to turn the device on or off automatically. This saves valuable energy while at the same time lightening the load on your wallet and helping the environment.


Roomba, your household assistant

Washing up, spring cleaning, waste disposal: there’s always a long list of household chores, leaving little time for the finer things in life. While the iRobot Roomba won’t take the washing up or waste disposal off your hands, it does have the vacuuming under control. An optical sensor allows the robot to create a detailed map of its surroundings, so it knows where it is, where it has been and where it needs to clean. With the Home app, you can instruct the Roomba to vacuum whenever you leave the house, so the dust disappears as if by magic and you can focus on more important things.


Peace of mind away from home

Do you feel uncomfortable leaving your home for long stretches? Maybe you panic that you have forgotten to turn off the oven or switch off the lights? If only you could check back at home quickly... Gigaset’s smart security accessories will notify you via your mobile phone as soon as anything moves in your home. With the WLAN camera, you can easily checkin the Home app what’s going on. With the Home app’s presence simulation feature, you can also set your devices and smart light bulbs to turn on and off at irregular intervals to deter intruders.


Do you have smart devices in your home already? What won you over? We look forward to your comments!


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