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“Hey Swisscom, switch on the light!”

“Hey Swisscom, switch on the light!”


Control your household smart devices without picking up your smartphone. In addition to controlling your TV, the Swisscom Voice Assistant from blue TV allows you to control the lights, music, or both at the same time through the use of scenes. Read the article to find out what is in store when you combine your TV voice control with Smart Home.


Your TV-Box Voice Assistant makes it easy to manage your home’s smart devices, such as lamps, vacuums and Sonos speakers. 


If you have a TV-Box (UHD), it is operated through the remote control. Press the microphone button and then give the command you wish to perform. For instance: “Dim the living room light” to make the room cosy. Or switch on the smart lamp without having to find your smartphone in the dark. If you have a Swisscom Box, you don’t even need the remote control. Simply say “Hey Swisscom” to the TV-Box, followed by your command. For instance: “Hey Swisscom, kitchen light brighter”.


Combine actions in a scene

Creating a scene by combining different commands for several devices makes things even easier. To do this, you first need to define which devices perform which commands. You create new scenes in your Home app. This is where you choose the devices and settings you need, such as for the “Dinner time” scene, where the lights are dimmed and Sonos plays your “Dinner with friends” playlist. Use your voice to activate this scene and activate the smart devices the way you set them up. > Go to how-to video


Control several devices at once

To activate or deactivate all the devices in a room at the same time, simply say the name of the room in the command, such as, “Hey Swisscom, activate/deactivate [room XY].” This also works if you want to dim all the lamps at the same time, for instance. In that case, you would say: “Hey Swisscom, [room XY] brighter/dimmer”. 


Have you ever controlled your smart devices through your TV-Box? What is your favourite command that you’d like to share with other Community members? We look forward to your comments!

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