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Grouping Bluewin e-mails

Grouping Bluewin e-mails

You are sure you received an e-mail – but can’t find it in your Bluewin Webmail inbox. If this has happened to you before, and the e-mail didn’t end up in your Spam folder, check your settings. The ‘conversation view’ collects related e-mails in groups which sometimes means messages are not arranged in the usual order.


With Bluewin Webmail, you can set whether your e-mails are displayed separately or in groups. If the "conversation view" has been selected in the settings, all related e-mails (that is, e-mails with the same sender or messages that have been forwarded or replied to etc.) will be grouped together. This may cause you to miss a new e-mail; for instance, because it has been grouped with the sender of a second e-mail with the same subject


If you would rather view your e-mails separately in your inbox, you must therefore uncheck the “Conversation view” box in the settings:

  1. In Bluewin Webmail (, click “Settings” at the top of the menu
  2. Left-click on e-mail in the column
  3. Uncheck the “Conversation view” box




Once you have done this, all e-mails will be displayed separately in the inbox and you should no longer miss any e-mails. 

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