For contact groups: Save e-mail addresses individually in Bluewin Webmail

For contact groups: Save e-mail addresses individually in Bluewin Webmail

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Before now, it was possible to save e-mail contacts in groups, without the need to create individual contacts. Technical adjustments mean that this is no longer possible from 31 October 2018. Now every e-mail address needs to be saved. The contact can then be assigned to a group.


In the step-by-step instructions below, we show you how to make sure all your contacts are correctly assigned to groups.


Step 1















Go to your desktop, right click on the mouse and open a text document. For Mac devices, open the “Finder” and search for “TextEdit”. Make sure that you can find the text file on the desktop.


Step 2














Open the Internet-Browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), go to, click on the field "E-mail & SMS" and log in.


Step 3















Under "Contacts", go to the group in which you have saved “Additional e-mail addresses”. Select all e-mail addresses (hold down mouse key over all e-mail addresses) and copy these (ctrl + c / cmd + c).


Step 4















Go back to the desktop, open the text document you created previously and paste in the copied e-mail addresses ("ctrl + v"). If you are using a Mac, navigate back to the bottom screen border, open “TextEdit” and paste the copied e-mail addresses there ("cmd + v"). The e-mail addresses are pasted into the text document.


Step 5















Arrange the e-mail addresses so that they are listed together. Save the document by clicking on "File" > "Save" (not required for Mac).


Step 6















Go back to the Internet Browser and click on the small pen icon in Webmail. Delete all e-mail addresses and the description of the group by clicking on in the grey circle by the white text field.


Step 7















As soon as all the fields are deleted, click on “Save group”. Check that you are still in the same group and then select “New contact”.


Step 8















Create a new contact for each e-mail address that you saved in the text document. To make them easier to retrieve, enter a contact name next to the e-mail address. Click above on “Save contact”. After this, you can find all the contacts in the contact list and no longer on the right side in the white text field.

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