E-mail no longer working? Check your password

E-mail no longer working? Check your password

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Are you having problems when sending or receiving Bluewin e-mails on your smartphone or with your computer’s e-mail programme? This often means there is something wrong with your settings. However, there may also be an issue with your password. Take a look to see if one of the following suggestions will solve the problem.


Adjust the servers for incoming and outgoing e-mails 

An error in your e-mail inbox settings may lead to problems. Check whether the following details are correct for your account.

Please note: For all the information specified below, SSL must be enabled in the settings. More information


Incoming mail server

IMAP4: imaps.bluewin.ch (Port 993)


POP3: pop3s.bluewin.ch (Port 995)


Outgoing mail server

SMTP: smtpauths.bluewin.ch (Port 465)


Still having difficulties? The step-by-step instructions will make it easy.



What is the difference between IMAP and POP?


IMAP: is appropriate if you retrieve your e-mails from several devices. E-mails remain on the server and are protected from data loss (recommended).

POP3: e-mails are transmitted between the e-mail program and mail server, downloaded directly to the device and then deleted from the mail server. This is appropriate if you retrieve your e-mails from only one device.


Enter username and check password

In your mail programme's e-mail settings, enter your e-mail address under “Username”. You will also need to enter your password. Note that your e-mail password is not your Swisscom login password. If you have forgotten your password, set a new one in the My Swisscom Customer Center. Remember, in the Bluewin app you have to enter your email password to get your emails.


E-mails are not being sent out because of suspected spam

If your e-mail is not being sent or is sent to the recipient’s spam folder, it has most likely been classed as potential spam. Check whether your mail contains links, signatures or images that could be flagged up as spam.

In addition, try recreating the mail from scratch rather than editing it with the “reply” or “forward” functions. Otherwise, the previous e-mail communication will be included in the e-mail, making it more likely that your e-mail will contain a typical spam element.


Useful links for questions about e-mail

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