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5 practical tips for using your Smart Switch

5 practical tips for using your Smart Switch



The Swisscom Smart Switch transforms any traditional electrical appliance in your home into a smart device. Simply connect your device to the switch and plug the switch into the wall socket. You can then manage your devices easily using the Swisscom Home app on your smartphone or using a smart button (such as the myStrom WiFi Button Plus). Discover everything you can do with smart plugs in this article.


1. Smart lighting

Whether it's a floor lamp, bedside lamp or wall light; simply connect a Swisscom Smart Switch between your lamp and the wall socket to make it smart. How does it work? The switch allows you to control all your lights from the Home app whether you’re at home or on the move. Use the Rules feature to turn your lights turn on and off automatically at specific times or based on your location.


2. Disconnect devices from the power at the touch of a button

The Swisscom Smart Switch also lets you disconnect your devices from the power with a single swipe on the Home app on your mobile phone. This option means devices no longer have to be physically unplugged to stop them consuming energy when they are switched off.


3. Save on energy costs

Cut your electricity bill by charging electricity-guzzling appliances at the right time. Electricity is significantly cheaper at night when less electricity is generally purchased. With the Swisscom Smart Switch, you can use this to your advantage. In the garage for example (in the same WLAN): simply connect the Smart Switch between the wall socket and charger for your e-bike or e-scooter, set the charging time for 8 pm to 7 am and save up to a third of your energy costs.


4. Deter intruders

Break-ins typically happen when no one is home. Thanks to the Home app, you can pretend to be at home even when you are not. How? By connecting your lighting, speakers and TV to the Swisscom Smart Switch and using the Home app to make it appear as if you are still home. It's the perfect way to scare potential intruders from your doorstep.


5. Preheat the coffee machine from bed

The coffee machine is another simple use for the Swisscom Smart Switch that shouldn't be underestimated. Using the Home app, you can switch it on from your bed or set it to come on at the same time each day: your coffee machine heats the water while you stay under the covers, helping you to start the day the right way.


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