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You can now watch Twitch on your TV

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Hello community


Swisscom is the first provider in Switzerland to introduce the Twitch TV app on its TV-Boxes (Swisscom Box and TV-Box UHD), giving Swisscom customers direct access to the Twitch game streaming experience on big-screen TV. Twitch and Swisscom are also entering into a partnership, whereby Hero League games will also be shown on the Hero League channels.

What is Twitch?
Twitch is the most popular live-streaming-video portal in the world, for live and on-demand transmission of video games.


Where can I find the Twitch TV app on Swisscom TV?

  • Under 'recommended apps’ in the Swisscom TV App Store.
  • Under 'recommended apps’ on the home screen
  • In the eSports folder

Are there charges?
 The Twitch app is free for all Swisscom TV customers with a Swisscom Box or TV-Box (UHD) for normal use. There may be costs associated with premium offers that are settled directly via Twitch.

Where can I log on or create a login?
 To create a login, go to “Register” or “User Profile” in the Twitch TV app and follow the instructions. You can register on the web portal at

Which Twitch streams will you enjoy most on your sofa? Will you still sometimes stream Twitch on your smartphone/computer? We’d love to hear your feedback.
Best regards


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