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No sound on Swisscom TV feed to television

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On my Swisscom TV feed sound is not working today. Never had this problem. TV air works perfectly on my mobile devices but watching on the television I only have picture. Have reset everything, Swisscom TV box, WLAN but still nothing. My TV set has sound as can access youtube app, Netflix etc and all work fine with sound. I tried Speedtest to check the internet feed and it’s 30+Mbs, a little slower than normal, but that shouldn’t be the issue.

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I had same issue. Not sure this is due to the Swisscom TV box because also sat signal comes with no sound, but  TV demo clip has sound and YouTube transmitted from Smartphone to TV has sound. I have Philips oled 804.

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reset / reboot TV-Box and router the same goes for any connection kit

if the problem persists contact the Swisscom hotline

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