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Improved programme data for blue TV

Community Manager
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Dear Community,


We are pleased to inform you of further improvements to our unique blue TV service. Thanks to a change of metadata provider, which is responsible for supplying the TV data, we will be improving the accuracy of programme information (images, texts, genres, programme schedules) on all devices over the medium term. For example, preview images have been optimised, more information on actors is supplied and genre grouping has been improved.


The changes will be rolled out gradually. All metadata is expected to have been migrated by the end of the year.


Unfortunately, changes such as this can also bring unforeseen problems. Perhaps a country code will be missing, a series will not be recorded properly or another unanticipated issue will occur. The aim, however, is for the changeover to go unnoticed as far as possible.


Wishing you a great summer with plenty of exciting TV highlights.


Best regards, MiriamF

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Black Mamba
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thank you for this information, very good news 😀


looking forward to seeing the first changes and results

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