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What you need to know about your own Internet address

What you need to know about your own Internet address


Bild_WAT Domain.pngWhen you have your own website, managing your own domain is an important task. The following article answers FAQs on this subject.


How can I register a new or additional domain?

Click “Buy domain” in the Control Panel and follow the instructions to order a new domain.


How can I transfer my domain to Swisscom?

To transfer your domain to Swisscom, proceed as follows:

  1. Contact your previous domain provider to ask for a transfer code (auth code) for the domain to be transferred.
  2. Order a hosting product at or
  3. During the order process, specify that you would like to transfer your existing domain.
  4. Once your order is placed, you will be sent a transfer certificate by e-mail.
  5. You will then need to confirm the transfer code (auth code).

Transfer may take several days in some circumstances, depending on the Top Level Domain (TLD). In the case of gTLDs (such as .com/.org etc.) there may be further verification requirements (especially when a change of owner is involved etc.)


Where do I change my domain settings?

You can change your domain settings (DNS) yourself in the Control Panel (Admin area) of the HomepageTool. To do this, go to “DNS” > “Advanced domain settings”. In the “Domain Manager”, you can view and change name server settings and adjust WhoIs and contact details.


How can I link an additional domain to my existing hosting service (e.g. website)?

You can assign additional hosting products in the Control Panel of your HomepageTool. In this case, the domain should be displayed in a drop-down at the top right. If you cannot find your domain, then it must be linked to another account or registered externally. In this case, transfer the domain to Swisscom or adjust the domain settings as follows.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel.
  2. Go to Website > “Add website”.
  3. Follow the further instructions.

How can I cancel my domain?

To cancel a domain, go to “Manage” > “My Company” > “Corporate Applications” > “Delete domains” or “No longer renew domains”.

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