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Swisscom Marketplace: Your benefits

Swisscom Marketplace: Your benefits


The Swisscom Marketplace provides Business Apps that will simplify your working life. These include Microsoft Office 365 for a range of Office applications and the HomepageTool for creating and managing your own website. Marketplace Online Help deals with a number of issues relating to the Swisscom Marketplace. Find out more here.


What are Business Apps and what are their benefits?

Business Apps are software solutions that can be used directly through your web browser with minimal installation required. You will find the Business Apps on the Swisscom Marketplace.


Your benefits:

  • Economical: With Business Apps, you only pay for what you actually use.
  • Mobile: Business apps are web-based. This means that you can access them anywhere.
  • Collaborative: Business apps are perfect for teams.
  • Convenient: You always have the latest apps. The manufacturer deals with software updates for you.

Why Swisscom Marketplace?

Swisscom Marketplace provides professional Business Apps through a single platform:

  • Up-to-date: With cloud-based software, the apps are always fully up-to-date and maintenance free.
  • Be a leaser, not an owner: Instead of purchasing expensive software, you can simply lease it from the Swisscom Marketplace.
  • Reliable and secure: All Business Apps are selected, tested and supported by Swisscom.
  • Versatile: Employees can be assigned to different roles with different permission levels.

Is my data secure? Where is it hosted?

The security of your data is very important to us. The Marketplace platform is hosted in Switzerland. Depending on the app in question, your user data is either stored on Swisscom’s servers in Switzerland or with the app developers abroad, e.g. in Amsterdam or Dublin in the case of Microsoft Office 365. Your data is always stored on servers equipped with the latest security features.


How does Swisscom select the apps?

Swisscom conducts time-consuming filtering operations on a regular basis and selects the best Business Apps for its SME customers from a choice of over 500. The apps undergo a two-stage assessment by Swisscom to ensure that they meet customers' high standards.


How do I access my business apps?

Have you already ordered one or more Business Apps? You will find your Business Apps at the following link:


For further details, including more FAQs, visit Marketplace Online Help.

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