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Ordering apps in the Swisscom Marketplace: answering your FAQs

Ordering apps in the Swisscom Marketplace: answering your FAQs


You will find a wide range of apps to help with your everyday work in the Swisscom Marketplace – from Business IT services and Microsoft Office 365 to Webhosting and the HomepageTool. The help section at already covers lots of questions about Swisscom Marketplace. More questions and answers about ordering in the Marketplace are covered in the following article.


Where can I see details of the Business Apps?

The Swisscom Marketplace offers you practical tools for your everyday work. Click on an app for details of its functions, benefits, ordering options and support channels. You need a Swisscom Login and a Marketplace account to place an order.


What payment methods are available?

The Marketplace offers the following payment options:

  • Swisscom bill
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PostFinance Card
  • Diners Club

How are Business Apps billed?

Depending on the payment type, the costs for using Business Apps are shown on your monthly or annual bill. Billing is pro rata for purchases or subscription updates during any month, so you only pay for what you need.


Are the prices indicated net or gross?

On the Marketplace, the gross price is shown for all apps, including VAT.


How do I use a Discount Code for an order in the Marketplace?

You can enter the Discount Code when you place an order.


More information on the Swisscom Marketplace is available in the online help pages.

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