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ring device switches to USB headphones

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I'm using Business communication software on the computer. I use USB headphones to keep some privacy when I call.  I configured the computer speakers as "ring device", but the app keeps changing it to the headphones, so I miss several phone calls when I'm not at my desk but on the other table.

Version is the current and latest available.

Any suggestion to solve this issue for good?

Thank you,




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thanks for the contribution


>  Business communication software ... USB headphones ... Any suggestion to solve this issue for good? ...


this discussion on Community in French can help 

Résolu: Swisscom Community - Business communication - Swisscom Community

post @MartinJ Swisscom ‎25.08.2020 11:44

" ... This is possible in "Options / Audio / Video" (see attached screenshot): ... "



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