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No more access 3G/GPRS since the iPhone upgrade to IOS4

Contributor MAJ
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For the people that have problems with the new iPhone IOS4 software, I found something that work:
Download the iPhone configuration utility at:

and create a new configuration profile and fill only the advanced setting for network access (first field). In this field, put your operator access adress, for Swisscom Switzerland, I filled: GPRS.SWISSCOM.CH

and load the profile to the iPhone.

Good luck

iPhone 3Gs 32Mo   iOS 4   Operator Swisscom

2 Commentaires
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I had this problem too and your solution works. Thanks.


However, now i can't use Internet Tethering anymore. Is there no officially way from Swisscom (or Apple) for this issue?

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I've reinstalled my iPhone. 3G/EDGE and Internet Tethering are working 🙂


However, i lost my SMS (others things were synchronized)