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program guide on channel 4 HD showing "sendepause"

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This is still going on. I'd been reluctant to call the support line as my experience is that they'll keep me on the phone for hours while they randomly turn unrelated things on and off.


Reluctantly, to put it mildly, I called two days ago using some more of my "free time". I did expect that to be a waste of time but I'd wildly underestimated how awful it was going to be.


  • They reset my router, losing some, but not all, of the settings so I had to reconfigure it.
  • I was told the issue was I didn't have the English package despite there being no such thing.
  • I was then told that Channel 4 HD wasn't a Swisscom channel anyway and it wasn't even available on their box in the call centre.
  • Someone phoned us back last night to tell it was all the fault of Channel 4 who'd not sent the right data despite the fact every other third party manages perfectly OK. Even if that were the issue, the Swisscom need to address that with Channel 4, it's hardly something I can fix for them.

So, 48 hours after I called the only progress is that the call centre seem to agree it's not working but haven't clearly accepted any responsibility for the situation or it's resolution.


And, of course, this is all nonsense. As PascalW already posted, Swisscom do actually know this  is problem and were supposed to be fixing it as quickly possible. 


There's a real issue with the first level support, no matter how badly and obviously broken something is they fight to the last bullet claiming it's all perfectly normal while they switch routers on and off for no obvious reason. I know they're supposed to be following scripts, but it would save everyone a lot of time if they developed the key skill of recognizing when something's broken and when they need to get help because right now that's non-existent.


I know there's hundreds of channels, but I only watch 3 or 4 and this is one of them. I only took this service to get Channel 4 HD because our satellite reception had become unreliable. And I don't watch them live, I rely on the program to tell me what's on.


I also don't accept that whoever architected the import of program data didn't anticpate error's and didn't implement some alerting of the failure so while it's all a mystery to the call center it's well known to Swisscom in my opinion.

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Dear iansp


We had a general problem with the TV Guide. By data gaps in the data deliveries, we had lots of channels on "transmission pauses".
First analyzes show that we have not received any information from the supplier for the affected items. The problem should be resolved now. 
Best regards



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That simply won't wash. The channel in question sends data, in the same format, to many, many different partners. A quick look at any other channel guides, easily available over the Internet, shows very clearly this is just affecting Swisscom.


So, if you're saying this channel only sent bad data to Swisscom then I don't believe you and if you're saying bad data was sent to everyone then I can prove that's not true.


Swisscom had a problem, no one else. No one else was going to be able to fix it.

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