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WebTV with Windows 8.1 and Chrome

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For years I have used Chrome with Windows (8 and 8.1) with no problems running Swisscom WebTV. Suddenly, as of 29.03.2015, I get a message telling me that Silverlight is not supported on my browser (Chrome). Checking the Swisscom site confirms that it SHOULD work. Also Microsoft confirms that Silverlight IS supported on Chrome. Any ideas?

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Dear jonf


Google decided not to support the Silverlight technology anymore. We recommend to use an alternative browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. We are constantly reviewing opportunities that we can offer a great tv experience for Chrome users in the future as well.


Kind regards



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Dear Matthias,

Thank you for the rapid reply - even if I don't like the answer. I feel that Swisscom should have warned users about this before and updated their information on their websites (eg Swisscom still states that Internet TV works on ALL current browsers).

With Chrome being one of the most (if not THE) most popular browsers I would expect Swisscom Internet TV to be able to run on it. 



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For me it's ok also using firefox if I know, better with windows 8 and 8.1 would be sure a good think to develope a tv app  like for the platforms of android, i phone or windows mobile... maybe too complicate to develope for windows 8 / 8.1 platform? 

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please pardon my english :smileysad:

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Don't worry about your English. You do fine. 

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Dear Matthias,


Nothing personal but, I consider your message a reply not a solution.


Freundliche Grüsse,


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Chrome doesn't support it anymore.

Edge (replaces IE in Windows 10) doesn't support it anymore.

>>> Silverlight is DECOM / End Of Life


Flash will also die in 1 or 2 years.


Swisscom, change to DASH/HTML5 like Youtube.


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I'm using chromeos and its 2016 and i still can't use my laptop to watch tv.
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Hi together


Now a new TV Air web player is available. You can use TV Air with the most popular browsers.


Kind regards 


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