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UK feed of F1 motor sports

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 I would like to know if it is being considered, or has been decided to definately not offer the UK-based Sky Sports F1 channel on Swisscom TV? I know the regional stations in Switzerland have their own freeview coverage.


I am an avid watcher of premium motorsport content, and would prefer to buy a premium bundle from my current provider than pay extra for a second or third TV provider to my residence.


 The pay per view in french & german is not the same quality of coverage or analysis offered with the Sky Sports F1 channel.


Pleased confirm,


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Dear hyphen


Thank you for your interest. We communicate coming new channels only shortly before. It is important to us to provide a wide and interesting range of channels for our customers. We check our channel selection continuously, which is why we can't confirm if the UK-based Sky Sport F1 channel will or will not be available. Thank you for your understanding. 


Kind regards,