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Recording not possible

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Hello. I have recentlyreceived a Swisscom tv box and upgraded to TV Plus as want to be able to record. I also activated the replay function which is now working. However, I still can't use record. If I press record whilst watching tv or whilst highlighting a program in the tv guide....I get the message hard disk recorder unavailable. Could it be that the box I have doesn't contain a hard drive or doethat's fact that replay works show that I have a hard drive in the box? 

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Ps I have tried restarting the set top box and also the router and this doesn't help. Thanks in advance for any help provided. Jon 

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If you had TV basic you my have the box without hard drive.


I don't know how the upgrade process works. I think you should call swisscom for a tv box replacement to get a box with hard drive.
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