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English text on English films in Teleclub

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Has anyone else experienced the following difficulties on selecting a film in Teleclub, choosing the Englisth language audio option at the start, but then having any text displayed in the film in German?


For some films it's an integral part of the plot with the actors reading on computers, text messages, holding up signs etc. and it's pretty frustrating that it's in German. Am I missing something really obvious? I would have thought that just selecting the language as English would be enough to change not just the audio but any text that appears on the screen.





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Dear SADA, 


Yes this is so.
We have three different VoD Stores Fr / It / En. Within one of the three VoD stores, can be selected for many assets between two languages. However, since only the audio soundtrack is replaced. The image content is not changed.
This is also in Blu Ray or DVD the case.
Kind regards
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This is perhaps the least satisfactory resolution I've ever received to a customer service question, but thanksfor replying.


Surely, if you're showing a film in the English, all of it should be in English (audio and text). Or at least have subtitles for the text bits if it's not possible to just use the original language version - which must be by far and away the easiest course of action.



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