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Cancelled contract and overdue invoices

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Hello there! I have a few questions regarding my cancelled contract and my overdue invoices. 

Since I am doing my internship abroad (I was studying in Laussane from Sep 2016 to Feb 2017), I have paused my contract for 6 months in February 2017. However, I realized that the service is not paused but was cancelled instead since the school cancelled my address on campus. And I also received the cancellation fee.


My concern is that since I won't go back to Switzerland until the beginning of September to pay the unpaid invoices physically, and I don't have the access to my e-banking currently. I'm wondering that if it is possible for me to pay the invoices in the beginning of September physically at a store?

On the other hand, I'm also wondering whether I will be able to sign a new contract with Swisscom under the same phone number after I get back to Switzerland?


Thank you very much for your time!


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Hello @helenlin0618


Your line has been first suspended, but then cancelled for the non-payment of the bill of February and because our letters are returned as undeliverable.


As you just paid everything, I transferred your request to the finance department to reactivate your contract. I will suspend the line after that as it was in February.


Please confirm me a valid e-mail address by private message and the date of reactivation of your line (juste click on my name to send me a private message).


I am looking forward to get your message.





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