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static ip address ?

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how can i tell if i have a static ip address ? and if i don't have one what would be the options ?


total novice here......

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your question is not clear, you should be more precise 🙂

In which context? What is the question? Why asking that?

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i am in the process of setting up my mac mini as a home server, just secured a domain name, a SSL certificate etc. Now I should have a static IP address for the server. My interweb is provided by swisscom (obviously) so i am wondering if / how / when / why etc about the IP address

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I assume you want to run a server on your dsl connection right?

Well, if so, if it is a residential dsl contract, your IP is dynamic.

If you have a bussines contract you can request a static IP.


There are ways to run a server even if you have a dynamic IP.

The IP on residential dsl connection does also not change that often if you don't turn off the router.



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No need for a static. Use dynamic DNS (ddns)

Google that