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Wireless Bridge with Swisscom Internetbox

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I would like to extend my  service to other parts of the my flat.  I have tried Develo powerline units with poor results so this is not an option so I would like to bridge wirelessly.


I have an Swisscom Internet box and a Netgear 6300 AC router.  Settings are available on the NetGear router to allow for bridging or wireless repeating but I can not find any settings on the Internet-Box to allow me to configure it for bridging or repeating. 


Can anyone supply instruction on how I can accomplish creating a wireless bridge from the Internet-Box?

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I haven't seen such a settings.

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Thanks for teh update but that's what I was afraid the answer might

suisse wrote:

I haven't seen such a settings.

be.  Looks like using existing wireless router hardware may be out of the question and I need to invest even more money with Swisscom on their properity solution which probably only work with their crippled hardware.