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Why is Swisscom Customer Service so poor?

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Today, not for the first time I had, reluctantly, to call Swisscom. In fact I had to call them at least six times today to get a small problem fixed. The problem: the software allowing us to review unanswered calls was "temporarily" not working. It had been that way ever since Swisscom updated the software on our phones at 10:00 in the morning two days previously. Why they update at that time of day beats me. It left us without a phone service for about 15 minutes in the middle of the morning.


Six calls becasue firstly they did nothing and then it got worse.


During one of the conversations I heard beep beep in my ears and then silence. Swisscom had decided without any warning to reset our system and I was cut off.


When the system came back up five minutes later, the problem still existed.


Another call and another reset, this time more fundamental becasue when the system came back up everypne of our phones had been de-registered. The only instructions we have in the house, left by Swisscom, refer to a version of an installation different from the one they had set up. So another call to ask how to register the phones. Two registered well and the third didn't.


Another call to Swisscomm, the technician had no idea and said they would seek help. Fifteen minutes later I hung up, took the batteries out of the phone, let it sit for a while, reinserted the batteries and registered the third phone.


The original problem, appeared to have been fixed but.....


What they did not tell us was that in resetting the system the second time they would wipe out our central directory.


Another phone call. "Sorry about that, I didn't know  a reset would cause that, thank you for telling me"!!


All in all, four hours of calls, each to a different person  and we are left with a boring inconvenience that Swisscom doesn't have an answer for. They have no back up system.





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Hi @BecdeBossons


This is a "customer helping customer"-community. If you want to complain about a bad service experience I would recommend to contact Swisscom directly. Because on this issue, no other customer can assist you.

veni vidi vici
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Now there is an excercise in futility!

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worst service ever!!!!! 

whoever is thinking of using swisscom, dont!!! 


they are over expensive and try to rip you off as soon as you want to change carriers. 


i recomend you use Salt. much better and professional service and they have reasonable prices for the same services. 


Swisscom is just a snobby company who thinks its still a monopoly and can put any price. 

Wake the f**k up and either get better service for the price or lower your prices according to the bad service you give your customers. 

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