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URL for Swisscom EPG (without going through TV-on-PC "demo")

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Is there a way to get direct to the Swisscom programme guide (EPG) on the internet without passing through the demo TV-on-PC nonsense?

I have a hardware firewall - it is configured to block almost everything. Swisscom box (STB) exists outside the firewall (...otherwise it simply doesn't work). So far so good: TV/VOD/Radio is perfect; (desired, firewall-permitted) internet connections are perfect.

EXCEPT access to the Swisscom programme guide (EPG) on the internet from inside the firewall (where my PCs live) died a few months ago.
It seems that Swisscom does NOT want to show me the EPG until I have "enjoyed" a few minutes of TV on my PC, and my firewall will not pass TV.


Thanks for any hints. Chris

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I don't know but you could trace with wireshark from a client outside of the firewall.


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I will be "outside" next weekend, and will try from there.

...was kinda hoping that someone else had already tried it though.




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Good luck