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Strange ip addresses in router log messages

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Motorola Netopia 7347-84 with firmware 7.8.5r5


Looking at the system log there are several entries at different times showing:


HTTP: "" host ip_address logging out (timing out)


I've looked up some of the ip_address and they seem to trace back to South America or Asia.


Is this something I should be concerned about?


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1) are your internal systems fully patched and protected by AV?


2) do you have any internal system using port forwarding?


3) do you have any dyndns related services?

If the first one is yes and the others are no, than no worries

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Thanks for your input. AV is used on computers and is kept up to date.


Your two points regading port forwarding and dyndns - which I use - led to me factory reset the router and therefore lose the above. Despite that and within a few hours I began to see the same type of message being logged from various regions of the world.


The message would make it look like the router has been logged into somehow. But apart from the admin account, are there any other available accounts to get in on these routers? I've searched all over the place to get some info on this and are not finding much so any help is appreciated.



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no, there are not other accounts.

I guess that those are simple port scans. 


By the way, you perhaps you migrate to some kind of newer Swisscom router 🙂

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Been wondering getting a more recent router. What would you recommend moving to?



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if you want to stay with a swisscom router, than your only valid option is the internet box 2.


I'm quite satisfied: sure it's not a pro device (config possibility are minimal) but for home use it's quite solid and performs well.