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SNMP on Swisscom Routers

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Is there any possibility to Enable SNMP on any of Swisscom Router, actually i got a Centro grande and nothing in the WebGui or via Telnet. 


Maybe in the new internetbox or internetBox-2 ? 


SNMP is a good way to monitor the traffic or other events on a router (or any network device). Most routers or manageable network device on the market support that  that for ages.  I'm quite sure the swisscom routers support it but seems to be hidden/locked/feature removed.


It's a common problem with Swisscom (and most of others ISP too) devices that they are locked down and they don't have much features compared to a Zyxel one for example.


Of course i can change my Swisscom router with a  Zyxel,cisco, fritzbox or similar, but then it's becoming a pain to get all services up and running which are included in your contract (especially the new ones) 

Not sure the new fancy Internet-booster (4g connection for low speed vdsl owner) could be connected to a Zyxel or Cisco without any specific config that Swisscom don't wan't to disclose.