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Questions & Feedbacks for the iO-App

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Dear Community

Do you have any questions or need assistance for the new iO smartphone app?

You have the opportunity to interact here with other customers and our hosts of the community.

For general feedback regarding the new iO app:
Swisscom Labs

More information about it you can find here:

Liebe Grüsse


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I saw that Swisscom have launched a new app namely the io app for Adroid and I-phone, why not Windows phone?
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Probably because of its minuscule market share, I suppose?

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@PowerMac Not everybody shares the taste of the majority. WP Users (and also Blackberry users who are also left in the rain) are paying Swisscom customers as well, so they should get the same service.


And why do they praise their iO app as being available for all platforms when its clearly not? Not saying that WP8 (And some other platforms) have a high market share. But when you offer an app for all platform, then PLEASE SUPPORT ALL PLATFORMS. Or don't claim to support all platforms.

Very dissappointed with Swisscom right now.

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They should also launch a Windows Phone App.


But it's clear due to a broader market share that Swisscom will favorite the software development on the Android and iOS Platforms first.

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My response referred to the OPs question why Swisscom did not (yet?) release iO for Windows Phone. It was not about whether any particular mobile OS is better or worse than another.

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I totally agree. The discussion is not about which OS is most used or least used. Swisscom has launched an app which offers many features which other OS users would also like to benefit from. Why should a select group be given more consideration than others? I'm not only a private user, but a business user too, in both cases I use Windows phone as my chosen OS, and that mainly for security reasons.


It is well known that Android is not a secure OS, it is targeted by many unwelcome individuals, and I do not want my business attacked by them. I-phone is great, but I use Windows in my company, not MAC.


I see from another thread that Swisscom are thinking about bringing a Windows app, but I wish they'd stop thinking about it and keep to the promise that someone else put so well; they said they support all platforms: then Swisscom, support us too!!!!

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Hello together


For the development of iO for other operating systems we do not have any information at the moment. We actually check possible extensions.


Best regards



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