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Quality of picture/internet strength

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I recently moved and my internet strength (via  quick test) is only at 4.4mbps upload, which is terrible. Its a new building very close to a Swisscom building aerial (can see it from our living room)

I think this explains the poor picture on my new TV especially non HD channels, and maybe why the reception drops off in my bedroom (even though we live in an apartment , all on the same floor)


Any ideas?

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Upload of 4.4 mbit is not bad. What kind of subscription do you have?
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Casa Trio package with a permitted speed of up to 20mbs

I know that means it can be lower, but it seems slow to me and i think that is why my tv picture is not great.

Also, it seems strange that i need to look for a "booster" or something to get a better strength in our bedroom.


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do you talk about the download or upload speed?


Big difference 🙂


Can you go to the router menu


somewhere you can display the router statistics and line connection speed.

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It is the download speed, which is the correct one for watching TV...i think!


My old place in Montagnola was 17mbs


I can get about 8mbs at my new place in fact. Not the 4 i said before. Still half as good though and even on HD the screen does blur a little which seems to be an internet issue.

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8MB is really not a lot.


You cannot watch any HD channel with that.


Did you verify the speed status on the router itself (



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Ok I will check tonight


Is it easy to do?


Thanks for your help



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Yes, it is.

You need to go to URL "" (or at the IP you assigned to the router), and on the bottom you will see a table named "Measurements":




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Just tried it

Managed to run the command to find the ip address

but then i got to a router login and password page and i dont know this detail

i will try and contact swisscom to get this detail

Its probably on a piece of paper but we have just moved so we are very disorganised!

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haha okay 🙂

I read you lived in Montagnola.. if is best for you speak Italian, for me it's ok!


(you can find those details going in your customer center: "My Details" -> "Internet access data")

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ok got my password in the post from swisscom

here is a screen shot of my data


Transmission speedUpstream:2304 Kbps
 Downstream:19840 Kbps
Line attenuationUpstream:24.8 dB
 Downstream:48.0 dB
Signal-to-noise ratioUpstream:15.7 dB
 Downstream:11.3 dB
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looks good, so it's not a connection issue.


is your sctv box connected directly via ethernet cable to the router?


If not: try this first.


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