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Probleme mit DNS-Server

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Last week my macbook suddenly stopped sending emails and I kept getting SMTP error messages. The same settings still work fine on both my Ipad and iphone.

Having called both Swisscom and Apple, the only solution to this problem was to change the DNS settings away from Swisscom and over to Google. 

Has anyone else had the same problem recently and did they manage to get working again using Swisscom DNS settings?



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Could you tell me more about the errors you were getting and which DNS you used?

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I cant remember the exact error message but it was something like "unable to establish connection with smtp server".

The original dns settings were the ones the computer found when connecting to Swisscom.

Before the dns was changed (after the mail stopped sending), the mail was always slow to send at my home address sometimes taking up to 60 seconds. i never had this problem with any of my other devices or when using my macbook away from home.

Since changing the dns, the email is going straight away.