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Poor service after maintance work

New Member Dre
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Yesterday was finally the promised day: maintenance work to modernize Swisscom network, so I was promised in the letter.

According to the same letter, the disruption would be between 07:00 and 13:00 and in addition once for a max of 15 minutes during the consecutive 48 hours. They apologized upfront for inconvenience and promised to keep the disruption as short as possible....

What a false information! Today still no internet! Does Swisscom know how much 15 minutes maximum is?? Calling help desk for 3rd time doesn't help: the arrogant guy just told me that contractually I have no right that it is fixed asap... 7 days it can take before a technician can contact me to fix it! Kidding, right? No... this is Swisscom service... despite that they are the sole and only responsible for the failed maintenance, Swisscom feels no responsibility to fix it immediately ... welcome to Swisscom service clause.

I'm sorry, but Swisscom should be ashamed about their customer service. Inability to do proper maintenance in one go is forgivable. To then treat the customer as it's not Swisscom's problem is not!! You create the problem, you need to fix it... immediately!!!!