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PoE/VoIP phone support by swisscom

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I have a swisscom VIVO XS subscription, which includes a Centro grande VoIP router.

Currently I'm using a traditionnal analog phone connected directly to it.


As I'm recabling my house I'm planning a PoE switch, and I'd like to connect real Ethernet/VoIP phones.


Has someone already done this? or can answer any of the following questions:

- does it work

- phone brand recommendation

- recommended setup

- is it supported by swissom


Thanks in advance for any input.




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Hi Ray,

did you have any luck here?

My internet-box does now support voip. Also direct support of dect handsets is good. The problem is I can only run Swisscom's sip/voip service on their own box. As I have multiple SIP providers, I switched to Gigaset. Their voip/sip and pots support through the 300 series was a good solution. I now run voip/ sip for 3 providers with no problems. Do let me know if you found a wired solution. 


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Hi Richard,

No other news so far, but I have to recognize that I did not investigate
that much, as I need new phone for a new PoE enabled house, next year.

I'll open an official case at Swisscom for this. I also need to know if the
swisscomTV setup box is available in a PoE version to avoid the extra power
supply and attached cabling.